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Our story

It all started with a mistake a marriage and an huge coincidence.

The founder of Mode..Information, Mr. Heinz Kramer was coming to Portugal to visit his Pantone dealer and agree with him the representation of all his products. At that time, Sepol-Manuel de Sousa Lopes, S.A. was buying from Mode...Information so many products that it was mistaken by their portuguese agent and Mr.Kramer got the wrong adress. I was for the first time at Sepol, helping organizing the marriage of one of the owner's daugther, the factory was and still is lovely, fresh and new, a great space for a great party. Suddenly Mr.Kramer pops in, proposing a deal and representation of his company. The situation got awkard yet amusing, noboby understood what was going on : Germany, magazines, trends, books, pantone ? As I had finished my degree in Fashion design at Citex i was asked to talk with him, by then Mr. Kramer had already decided that we were his ideal partner and we settled imeadiatly my trip to Cologne for training .
About the marriage...I caught the bride's bouquet and I was told: You're going to get married, you're not coming back from Germany.
I did came back, the marriage was somehow different and it lasts since 25 years.



Who we are
We are distributors for Portugal of professional trend information, graphic design books and colour managing and comunication systems.
We're part of a trend comunication network:
- confronted with the changes and chalenges that the industry has been facing, we're always in contact with our clients, getting acquainted with their experiences and needs
- Mode...Information GMBH receives feedback from all their partners all across the world, then they work closely with design, trends and lifestyle studios in order to create the most adequate products and bring to the market solutions of eficiency and success.
Our online services, books and professional magazines bring inspiration and security.  We favour direct contact with our clients so we can exchange knowledge and help them make the best choices. Our products are created for all professionals who conceive, design or plan any brand or product.
Although most of our portfolio is dedicated to the fashion and textile areas we cover all sectors of industrial design, from automobile, food industry to cosmetics and to all professionals envolved: designers, product managers, branding, marketing and publicity, sales and merchandising.

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